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Why is documentation important for good therapy?
In chronic diseases, the course of your symptoms (e.g. pain) is very important so that your doctor can assess whether the type and strength of treatment is appropriate. Information on the course of the disease should be as complete and as clear as possible. In particular, information on Your current medication and its side effects is of interest. Many things are forgotten if they are not written down: For example, hardly anyone can give a precise answer from memory about how severe the symptoms were two weeks ago. Our apps support you with regular documentation and enable a clear and easily readable presentation.
Documentation is also important for acute illnesses: When exactly, how and where did the symptoms begin, what medication did you take? Are there any other known illnesses? Have you measured fever or anything else yourself? If such standard questions are clarified quickly, your doctor has more time to examine, discuss and treat the individual characteristics of your illness.
Documentation is an important time factor - it accounts for up to a third of the doctor's working time. With good self-documentation, You help to ensure that Your physician can work with You to choose the best possible therapy for you in the limited time available.

What are Offline-Apps and why are they particularly secure?
Once installed, Offline-Apps work even without the Internet (i.e. also in flight mode) because Your data are only stored on Your smartphone or tablet. Your entries are therefore particularly protected ("Privacy by design") and You decide with whom You want to share these. Our apps comply with European data protection regulations. Data sharing takes place with a barcode that You can generate on Your device Yourself and which Your doctor can read directly into his computer using a barcode reader. This works without Internet connection and Your confidential data will not be transferred to someone else without Your consent.

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